Our Services Include:

Staging • Lighting • Video • Audio • Consulting & Planning • Personnel Management • Backline & Gear

  • Site selection and analysis: We can help you choose the venue that best suits your needs
  • Design: We can design the ideal site layout and coordinate everything from staging and sets to audio, video, and lighting
  • Budget: We will work with you to create and maintain the right budget for your event
  • Supplier selection & Negotiation: We work with premiere suppliers from around the country, and we can select and secure the best providers and equipment for:
    • Set & Staging
    • Audio & Lighting
    • Video & Graphics
    • Labor

This is your event and your message, and we want to customize your presentation to meet your needs. We'll start by getting together to imagine the possibilities for your production. We love to brainstorm, and we love to talk to clients about their ideas.  We find inspiration everywhere--we want to talk, to see, to ask, and to learn about your company's culture. 

Together, we'll collaborate on your concept to see it through. The De Lux Productions team can tackle every aspect of your production, including: