Our Mission

We believe that very event has a message that deserves to be seen, heard, and felt. We're here to give everyone an opportunity to have a well-produced event.

What We Do

We work closely with you to understand the vision for your event; we communicate openly with you so that the vision is shared and understood, and we deliver a well-produced event that will make your vision a reality. We believe in the power and potential of people. By spending time with you and your team, we'll identify and arrange for the right crew and equipment to support your production. With the right team pulling together in the same direction, success is inevitable.

If you're interested in working with us, we'll start with a conversation to make sure our services meet your needs. Once we've met, De Lux Productions will assemble a team of dedicated, caring professionals according to the unique needs of your production. We solve problems with people, not with standardized packages.

Who We Work With

Our dedication to quality production has given us the opportunity to work with outdoor festivals, non-profit organizations, large corporations, touring artists, radio stations, record labels and many other special events.